Project Team:
Lucas Ríos Giordano, Alicia Costa

Martín Turcatti, Structural Engineer
Ricardo Hofstadter, Electrical Engineer
Alejandro Curcio, Mechanical and Plumbing
Ricardo Martinez, Civil Engineer
Campiglia Construcciones, Construction

Montevideo, Uruguay

Year Completed:

Fabamol, S.A.

Located in the fashionable neighborhood of Pocitos, this eleven-story apartment building in Montevideo is located just one block from the coast.  Since the neighborhood is already dense with high-rise apartment buildings, we concentrated our design efforts on the spatial configuration of the apartments. Instead of the conventional layout for an apartment like this (the master bedroom and living room facing the street with the kitchen in the middle and additional bedrooms in the back), we offered several different typologies.  Along with the traditional layout, we offered the choice of a large kitchen, reminiscent of kitchens in the estancias of Uruguay, at the front of the unit.  We also offered an option in which all the bedrooms were in front, a layout which creates a clearer separation between the quiet intimate part of the house and the more communal areas. In order to accommodate these different layouts, we designed centralized plumbing cores that remained the same from floor to floor.

The façade of the building blends in with the surrounding contemporary style.  On the street level, the landscaping of the front setback penetrates into the lobby by means of different species of plants.  The glass separating the lobby from the street thus becomes a conceptual barrier between the different plants.