Los Angeles, California

Year Completed:

Intelligent Shopping Ltd

This project was developed under the adaptive reuse ordinance of the city of Los Angeles, a program designed to promote the revitalization of downtown Los Angeles by converting old office and industrial buildings into apartments, lofts and condominiums.  The original building, a six-story structure of reinforced concrete, was built in the nineteen twenties and once housed the headquarters for Otis Elevator Company in Southern California. Our project called for sixty lofts ranging in size from 900 to 1,800 square feet, designed with an eye to the young urban clients who have begun to move into downtown Los Angeles.  On the roof, a gym and a pool served as a communal area.

As with our Haas Building project, another example of adaptive reuse, we saw the difficulties inherent in this kind of transformation as design opportunities.  The allocation of new electrical and mechanical shafts, the coordination of walls with existing window modulation and the residual spaces resulting from old elevator shafts, sheer walls and stairs are all things we tried to use in our favor, bringing unexpected moments, accidents, if you like, into the spaces of each individual unit.