Montevideo, Uruguay

Year Completed:

Eiger, S.A.

Facing the Rio de la Plata on Montevideo’s busy rambla, this thirteen-story apartment building was completed in 1994.  The site, between buildings with uneven setbacks, presented us with an unusual challenge.  The building to the west was set back more than the current requirement, product of a time when there were only a few houses along the rambla, not the continuous block of apartment buildings that are there today.  The building to the east is the product of set-back requirements from another time in which buildings were permitted to have bow-windows and deeper balconies than are currently allowed.  Had we strictly followed the current ordinances, the result would have been a rectangular volume that stood at a tangent to both boundary walls, leaving one of them exposed, but this was an undesirable solution urbanistically.  Instead, we decided to connect the two boundary walls with a curve, thus achieving the point of maximum set-back in the middle of the balcony.

The reinforced concrete cantilevers along the front elevation are shaped in such a way that they also become balconies.  In order to protect the privacy of the people in the neighboring buildings, we included brise-soleils towards the west which nonetheless permit a view of the sea.  Mediating between its neighbors, this building stands out against the continuous wall of buildings on Montevideo’s rambla, its curvaceous shape reflecting the natural curves of the coast.