Project Team:
Ríos-Canale-Canale Arquitectos
Lucas Ríos Giordano, Associate Architect
Luis Roca, Project Manager

Marcelo Sasson, Structural Engineer
Ingeniero Carranza, Electrical EngineerAlvaro Palenga, S.A.
Alvaro Palenga, S.A., Construction

Montevideo, Uruguay
Asunción, Paraguay

The Coca-Cola Company

Working for the team of Ríos-Canale-Canale Arquitectos, we built two plants for The Coca-Cola Company -- The Coca-Cola Bottling Plant in Montevideo, Uruguay and The Coca-Cola Concentrate Plant in Asunción, Paraguay.  The bottling plant is an industrial plant of 30,000 square meters which makes abundant use of pre-stressed concrete beams and has complex technical requirements related to chemical products and food production.  It also houses an administrative sector.  The concentrate plant is an industrial plant of 35,000 square meters with a small administrative sector.