Los Angeles, California

Year Completed:

Lisa Fetchko

This project is a home addition and remodel of a small one-story bungalow built in the nineteen forties on the Westside of Los Angeles.  The addition is located between the main house and the garage which had previously been remodeled into a 220-square-foot office.  The new volume, an articulated box whose aesthetic purpose is to bring a sculptural presence to a fairly dull neighborhood, is built with wood frame construction and plastered with two-colored steel-trawled stucco mix.  To avoid the noise of traffic, the volume is closed on the side that faces the freeway; the volume itself acts as a sound barrier for the garden.

A steel and acrylic fence reclaims for private use the side yard that once faced the street.  As it adds area to the house, it redefines the outdoor space that surrounds it.  In addition to the new construction which includes a master suite upstairs and a large bedroom on the ground floor, we remodeled the original house, modernizing the kitchen and creating, from a tiny living room and master bedroom, a large loft-like living space which faces the garden.  Together with the detached office space, the final result is like a small urban villa, well-suited to the needs of the family who lives, works and raises their children there.