Project Name:
Mausoleum for the Employees of the Electoral Court

Montevideo, Uruguay

Year Completed:

Asociación Cooperativa Electoral

This 9,000 square-foot mausoleum, a burial space for employees of the electoral court of Uruguay, was built after being awarded first prize in a private competition.  Located in a far corner of Montevideo’s North Cemetery, the mausoleum is surrounded by gardens and eucalyptus trees.  Upon entering the facility, visitors pass beneath a poured-in-place concrete wall before approaching the columbaria which line the interior walls.  Another level of vaults is found down the central stair, under a podium lined on three sides with pyramidal skylights.  Since the workers of the electoral court do not share any particular religious or political beliefs, we felt free to create an abstract architecture that deals mostly with the qualities of the space and the properties of the materials we were working with (concrete, marble and aluminum).